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The Pre Primary

Our Nursery and Preparatory Classes are home away from home where the young buds are nourished with a feeling of love and affection letting them know the outside world with care cushioning against all odds and providing opportunities to nurture the feelings of curiosity alongwith inculcating sensitivity and respect towards their surroundings.
Oral communication and mass participation are given a great emphasis making learning a happy experience through fun filled activities. The number of students per class is not more than 20 so that a good relationship can be built between the student and the teacher and there is a bonding with the institution. There is a beautiful park inside the school having swings and the little children are taken outside the school also for broadening their experiences.

The Primary and the Middle

It is believed that the first ten years of human being are his formative years and the basic attitude gets built during this time only. So, very dedicated and sincere teachers impart knowledge opening various new dimensions in the process enabling the child to explore and feel the joy of empowering himself.
Only grades are given for assessing the progress and a lot of honest effort is done to uplift the level of weak students by providing remedial classes.
Changing scenario of living in the global village requires special care during Middle Classes. The early teens is a very crucial aspect to be taken in consideration and the school plays an important role in refining the students particularly in this age group. Very friendly teachers provide counseling teaching the concepts mentioned in the curriculum.

The Secondary/Senior Secondary:

The students from class IX onwards start participating in various activities like becoming Prefects, Captains and Vice Captains of various Houses. Our School possesses an open system and suggestions from the students are also valued equally and incorporated wherever possible.
The students of class XI have the option of choosing any one stream- Science, Commerce and Art and learning by doing is basis of imparting knowledge. There are well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiment and actual practical work. There is a Maths Lab also giving opportunities to learn beyond the book.
Extra classes are held for the students of classes X & XII so that they are able to perform fairly well in C.B.S.E. examination as the results of classes X & XII are crucial for opting the kind of career in the future.

Instructional Programme

The Courses prescribed by the C.B.S.E. and Directorate of Education are taught. The whole course content of each class has been divided into eight units; four units are taught in each Semester. For each unit a teaching plan is chalked out by the teacher before it is taught. This plan consists of (i) expected learning outcomes(ii) a teaching and (iv) follow up action. In the teaching learning process, the emphasis is laid on the teaching of skills related to various disciplines so that the child wants to explore with zest, the most important skill a child should be taught.

Teaching Staff
The school has highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers on its staff who have good command of the contents of their respective disciplines as well as modern techniques of teaching. The faculty orientation programmes are conducted periodically for professional growth of teachers. Besides having good knowledge of their particular subject, the teachers also passes the extra ordinary quality of humanity and humility and treat the students very affectionately.


 The School is recognized by Directorate of Education and affiliated to the Central Board of Education for the All India Secondary School and All India Senior School Certificate Examination. It is also a member of the National Progressive Schools Conference and the Delhi Sikh Public Schools Conference. As Such, it follows the syllabi laid down by the authorities from time to time.

 Nowadays, there are plenty of options in various fields for our students after they pass out Class 12th from School. Keeping in view the future prospects, the School has started with the following New Vocational Career Oriented Subjects and Streams in Class 11th in the session 2013-14 to facilitate the students to get admission to various colleges and universities along with their professional settlement.                    

 SCHEME OF STUDIES FOR CLASSES XI AND XII                                        

 Existing Streams are:-

Science (Med/Non Medical) Commerce Humanities Vocational
English English  English English 
Maths Accountancy  Political Science Mass Media 
Physics Economics  Economics  Human Rights
Chemistry  Business Studies  Painting/Music/Physical Education  Informatics Practices/HIndi/Punjabi
Biology/Computer Science  Maths/Informatics Practices/Punjabi/Hindi  Hindi/Punjabi/Informatics Practices  Music/Art/Physical Education
Additional Subject, if any  Additional Subject, if any  Additional Subject, if any  Additional Subject, if any

 Besides, the above streams which are already existing in the School, the NEW STREAMS proposed to be started are:-

Home Science
Fashion Designing and Technology
Food Beverages
Health and Beauty Studies
Graphic Designing


Divinity is compulsory from Nursery to Senior Secondary. It has now been made a qualifying subject so that it is taken seriously by all the students. In fact, it is taught as means to character building and development of moral values. The feeling for respecting all religions is also inculcated.

 Computer Education

Learning of Computers is a compulsory subject from Class two onwards. Two full fledged Computer Labs with Internet facility, expert and very well qualified teachers are provided for imparting good knowledge and learning experiences. There is also an option of studying Informatics Practice and Computer Science at+2 level.

 Physical Education

The School believes in the principle of "Sound mind in sound body". Physical Education is therefore, compulsory for all classes. Students from VI standard onwards are required to opt for any of the games namely Volley-Ball, Basket-Ball, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Judo,Rope Skipping and Skating. For Judo, Basket-Ball,Volley-Ball,Cricket ,Foot Ball and Gymnastics, coaches have been employed for special training before School time . The School has won many prizes at State, National and International levels.

Music &Art

The School can actually boast about being excellent in the fields of  Music and Art and a harmony is created by giving the practical experiences in both the fields and winning many competitions at  Zonal State and National Levels.

Medical Facilities

School has comprehensive Medicare facilities at its premises. A regular medical check up is done once a year and reports are sent to the parents, Staff is posted permanently at the medical centre in the School premises. In case of any emergency, the students are also taken to a near by hospital for proper care & first aid.


There is a well-stocked, library housed in a spacious hall. In the Primary Section, a set of books is provided to the class teachers from which books are issued to the pupils by rotation. Besides this, regular library periods are provided to each class so that the children may develop the habit of reading. The students of Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes are encouraged to go to the Library and select books of their own interest. Besides the books on various disciplines, a good number of magazines, newspapers and journals are also available for extra reading.

Newspaper in Education and G.K. Club

The School is a member of The Times of India Project and Hindustan Times-Pace-HT Next in which the students are given their own copy of newspaper early in the morning for inculcating the habit of updating their knowledge. These newspapers are especially designed for the students and are filled with activities making them 'a living textbook' in its real sense.

Workshops ranging from Pot making to Career Counselling are also provided under this project in which many eminent consultants impart lifetime experiences.Many competitions and visits are also organized under this avenue for providing a platform to the students beyond the boundaries of their own School.

There is a G.K. Club for students from different classes who are given special workshops,books,magazines alongwith an insight for making learning a complete experience in itself.

Work Experience and Value Education

Work Experience is taken seriously and all possible efforts are made to achieve its aims and objectives. The students take part in socially useful productive work and activities in small groups,according to their interests, at least once a week.They are given options to choose any activity of their liking from a large number of vocations.Learning becomes great fun by taking part in such activities and making various projects.

In the changing scenario of cultural conflict, it is quite important to nurture the rich heritage of values treaured over a long time.Training is given to have deep faith in their own culture and affirm the roots knowing that the world also looks towards our value system for having  a noble life.






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