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Bhupinder Singh (1997)

I completed my schooling in 1997. It provided me with foundation for higher studies. Then i qualified as a Chartered Accountant and joined banking industry.
Currently I am working with Standard chartered bank as a Credit Manager in SME Loan Division.

I am thankful to my teachers who imparted moral values and education that helped me to take the right decision in every step of my life.

I met some of my best friends at school... My school days were the golden days of my life, I miss them a lot.

Gurpreet Singh (1999 Commerce)

I am a journalist currently working with the Al Jazeera News Channel in Qatar as Programme Editor.

After graduating from GNPS Rajouri Garden, I completed my studies in Journalism and took up a job in All India Radio as an English Newsreader before working in other media houses like Aaj Tak, Times of India and NewsX.

I can attribute all the professional growth that I have made, to my last two years at GNPS, Rajouri Garden, where I learnt the finer nuances of English and Economics which helped create a strong base in my profession.

But the best part of the school are its teachers who treat the students not just as Roll Numbers but as individual human beings.

Dapinder Singh (2007 Science)

I am currently working with Ericsson as Telecom Engineer.

After studying from GNPS, Rajouri Garden, I pursued B.Tech from IP University, and them went to Alabama(USA) to participate in a competition organized by NASA called "Nasa Great Moonbuggy Race, 2011".

There I won the "Best performance by an International team" award.

All of which I think would not have been possible without the strong foundation which was created during my school years.

GNPS, Rajouri Garden, helped me cultivate and expand my thoughts and taught lots of good things besides creating a strong moral base solely on the principle that there is no substitute to hard work.

Navjot Kaur Bhamrah (2010)

I am pursuing B. Tech (Computer Science) from IP University and currently in my final year.

I have done all my schooling from GNPS, Rajouri Garden which has made a lot of difference when i compare myself with my peers from other schools.

I still remember that prayer ("Oh Lord God") which we all used to recite before the commencement of our class.

It's been a great decade in school. The most important thing I have ever learnt from my school life is PARTICIPATION that also from our English teacher.

All of us were always encouraged to take part in any of the events, and I am really thankful for this.

This positive encouragement helped enrich skills of students like me who were scared of being exposed to any kind of environment.

I really miss my school.

Gauravjit Singh Saini (1999 Commerce)

I am a member of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, U.K. and presently freelancing as Risk Management Consultant. Previously was working with HSBC as Financial Planning Manager.

Out of all the achievements and accomplishments till now only one is worth mentioning, rest are all materialistic in nature. The one that is worth sharing is the path back to Sikhism. I believe, besides family support, this was only possible because the academic institutions i was part of kept me in touch with the my culture.

A student may not realise that what he/she is hearing in school/class, academic or not; gets deposited into his/her mind, and somewhere in future those words help him/her in making a wise decision.

Thank you again, for being part of all those life altering lessons. Will always be indebted to you.

Kanwaldeep 'KD' Singh Arneja (1996 commerce batch)

I have been in USA since 2002 and I am living it large as a Software Architect. I live in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts with my wife who is Business Analyst

I graduated from GNPS, Rajouri Garden in 1996. My father was a diplomat and because I always accompanied him on his tenures, I got to see and experience a lot of places and cultures. While abroad, I would find myself enrolled in British, America and Indian schools at different times. But when back home, I was always a GNPS boy! There was always only one reason for choosing to come back to the same school after every 3 years and it was the teachers.

Although I graduated as a commerce major, I found my personal niche in computer science. How I transformed into a software engineer from an 11th grader who loved accounting, is a story that I attribute to my teachers. It is because they gave me the necessary tools.

You see, I still remember how I was educated. It was not by gawking at countless pages of syllabus textbooks or sitting through endless exams. It was the personal engagement of those particular teachers in our personalities, lives and methods of learning. While I owe the skills of approaching issues of any flavour or design in an objective manner to one teacher, I thank another for making me understand what "applying your brains" means, which simply translates to "think think think".
While one made me understand how I can use thousand subtleties in English to be polite, yet another teacher made me realize why those subtleties are useful outside of the books in order to be assertive while being polite. My false egos were checked early on by them. If I find myself humble some days it is because of these men and women.

I was taught the practical meaning of "patience is a virtue", which means we have to actually work towards things we want. I learned to be emotionally intelligent early in my life because of these people. They crucially complimented my parents daily words of wisdom. I can source most of my wisdom rooting all the way back to them. I remember their smiles, attitudes, humility and guidance. I remember them.

GNPS boy...forever!

Bhavna Thareja (1999 Commerce)

I am currently working as a Program Manager with NEC Technologies, a Japanese IT giant dealing in numerous technology verticals ranging from as small as a chip to as big as a space satellite.

My primary expertise are in Japanese language and program management. I am stationed in Noida and travel frequently to other locations for coordinating business discussions, depending on project requirements.

I am having a double M.A in Japanese language, having pursued the same from JNU for 5 years and then continued at Osaka University of Foreign studies, Japan for another 2.5 years.

My Alma-mater and all the lovely teachers have really helped instilling in me the right values which get me going. They taught me a few very important lessons in life, one of which being, to have my eyes on the sky and feet on the ground.

Quoting a few lines from one of Robert Frost's poems I learnt in high school, which left a very deep impression on me:

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep"

Thank you indeed for laying my foundation.

As they say in Japanese. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!!!

Tejpreet Singh (1999 Commerce)

I am working as a General Manager with an International telecom company having its foot prints in 6 countries other than India.

GNPS specially the last two years of the schooling has changed my way of thinking and understanding life. My sincere thanks to Gurdeep Madam for being a wonderful mentor whose guidance always played a great role in my personal & professional carrier till yet.

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